20,000 shareware Macintosh utils now live!

And just like that, we have the shareware utilities up and live!

TWENTY THOUSAND of the bloody things! An absolute cornucopia of vintage Macintosh software, covering a galaxy of different types, from icon sets to screensavers, disk utils to networking software, productivity to programming, and more. Spanning from 1994-ish through to 2001/2002, there’s software here for System 6 through OS9. Dive in, enjoy! All programs are compressed using Stuffit 5.5 in OS9. For best results, you should mirror that process; get the downloaded files into your vintage Mac and uncompress with Stuffit 5.5.+

Navigate to the “utilities” section from the menu and have a browse, or use the “Utilities search” function to look for particular programs (not case-sensitive, and returns partial matches).

There’s a lot of stuff in the site now, masses of files but very little metadata. Sadly, that’s a consequence of the sheer volume of data I was working with when compiling these collections, it took months just to drag and drop them from hundreds of magazine cover CDs, it would be years and years of work to catalogue and describe each file. My philosophy was; get the files live and worry about the rest later. I’ve achieved that, so now I’ll start to mull a better way of organising things. I’m open to suggestions! Drop me an email at hello@vintageapplemac.com if you have any thoughts, and don’t forget to follow the Twitter: https://twitter.com/vintageapplemac



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