Almost ready to launch the site properly…

So, it’s been a little while since I last updated the site, but a lot has been happening that’ll make a really useful website.

First of all, my Macintosh Shareware Compendium project has continued, with me slowly (so very slowly…) working my way through hundreds of 90s-era Mac magazine cover CDs and hauling off every last scrap of shareware software. I have *thousands* of individual files, and still plenty of CDs to work through.

Secondly, I’ve finally got round to rebuilding the Wi-Fi bridge that’ll allow my main OS9 machine, my PowerMac G4 MDD, to connect to my home broadband. OS9 doesn’t do WPA/WPA2, and I’m not setting my home network to WEP, so I have a LinkSys router in my office that I’ve reflashed with the DD-WRT firmware and have hooked that by ethernet to the G4 and piping the Wi-Fi into the machine that way. A fiddly and annoying setup but now it’s done it should be rock-solid indefintely.

Lastly, I’ve decided to use my iMac G5 as my publishing machine. It’s running OSX Leopard and I’ve just installed an Airport Extreme card to connect wirelessly to my network (OSX, even the decade or old Leopard, does proper encryption, thankfully). Originally, I set this computer up as a early-OSX era gaming station, with classics like Fallout 2, Halo, Jedi Academy and Civ3 installed, but I figured that it’s on the same bench as my G4 so makes most sense to publish from the same area instead of wheeling across the room to type while reviewing some old software on the G4! And this post is a test of that idea, just to make sure I can log in to the site and do all I need to!+

So, let’s find out!

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