And we’re back! Site rebuild complete but there’s work to do

Dear reader, it’s been a while since I put finger to keyboard and published an article here on, with the most recent being way back in July when I wrote about the Apple Art Library I had found on a Sales & Marketing Resource CD. That was a fun little article, with some awesome content and is exactly the kind of thing I really enjoy writing about here. But shortly after publishing that, I got *real* busy again with work and home and, by the time things had calmed down enough to think about writing another article, I found that I’d gone right off Joomla, the CMS that was built within. I’d never really clicked with it, to be honest, but for a long time it was all I knew so I plugged away at it without really paying attention to the clunkiness and mild frustrations. In the few years since this site went live, though, my web guy and architect, Tony, had become a WordPress genius and nearly all of the websites we were working on together professionally over the last year or two were WordPress builds. So, I was becoming more and more familiar with using the WordPress backend and, man alive!, it’s just so much nicer than Joomla. I asked Tony very nicely if he could rebuild VAM in WordPress and, as always, he said “no problemo”! 🙂 logo ico

So, is ending 2018 in a new and better condition, with an exciting future ahead. I’ve got *lots* of cool Macintosh things I want to write about and publish, and you’ll get a rough idea of the kind of stuff I’m finding exciting if you take a look back through VAM’s Twitter feed for the last six months or so. In short, lots of digging through old media and unearthing hidden gems. 🙂 Please do follow me on Twitter or bookmark the site so you can catch all of this cool Mac stuff I’m getting up to.

Thanks for sticking around, 2019’s going to be a blast.

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Good news, thanks a lot for your job!