Apple Art Library

I was overjoyed to stumble across a great find on a near quarter century old Macintosh CD recently; the Apple Art Library!

I often scour the web for obscure Macintosh files, looking for anything weird and whacky to play with and then archive here. Jason Scott, free-range archivist at Internet Archive, uploaded a bunch of Apple CD images to the Archive as part of his ongoing and never-ending quest to preserve as much computer history as possible. Of the couple of dozen of his uploads that I pulled down were a few ARPLE CDs, Apple-produced compendiums of product information for dealers and the like.


These were pretty cool in themselves, but there was plenty of other more shiny and immediately fascinating gubbins on the other images I grabbed, so I didn’t pay too much attention to the ARPLE discs. That was a mistake.

Revisiting these images this week, I came across a folder titled “Apple Art Library”, and in that folder was another titled “Line Art Library”, and, my word!, is there some art in there or what?

Mac Classic Classic II Line Art

PowerCD Line Art

Newton with pen Line Art

Macintosh LC 3

AppleDesign Powered Speakers

I tweeted a few of these out and received a pretty rapturous response, with several requests to share the lot. So, without further ado, here’s a zip file with all these goodies on. The .eps files open absolutely fine with Illustrator CS6, the PICT files you’ll have to jump through some hoops to access on a modern machine. The line art is all in .eps format. Enjoy!

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