Apple Peripheral Systems brochure

Well, it’s been a while since my last substantive article so I thought I’d scan and upload some decades old Apple marketing literature!

But first, let me fill you in with what I’ve been up to. I spent much of January in “Acquisition Mode”, which was basically me spending money on eBay in pursuit of some cool Macintosh items to add to my collection. I bagged a whole bunch of really cool things, not least of all a boxed Macintosh version of The HitchHiker’s Guide To The Galaxy text-based adventure game. Growing up, the H2G2 books were hugely important to me so this fantastic example is a precious thing to add to my collection of big-box Mac software.

Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy for Macintosh

I also acquired some other games, some Mac hardware, some Apple ephemera, and got real lucky with an auction for a large lot of hardware and software that a design company was getting rid of.

A lucky find on eBay!

I’ll write about all that groovy stuff in due course. In other news, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is taking over my life. My son has been training for a few years now and his second year of competition started in January. Last year, he entered about a dozen tournaments and did really quite well, bringing home a collection of silver and bronze medals. This year, we’re stepping it up and entering him in the more far-flung events in the UK, and I’ve already put some serious mileage on my car driving him up and down the country to have fights with other small children. If you’re a BJJ fan, here’s a couple of videos of my little warrior in action:

So, on to vintage Mac business! One of the auctions I won whilst in Acquisition Mode came with a box full of Apple paperwork; manuals, aftercare leaflets, adverts, etc. Most of it is the usual guff that you got with any Apple product in the 1990s, nothing I hadn’t seen before and not much of real interest. One item did catch my eye, though; the Apple Peripheral Systems brochure!

Apple Peripheral Systems brochure

In all my years of acquiring Apple stuff, much of it boxed and with all original items, I had never seen this particular booklet before. It’s a small pamphlet, A5 format, and details the range of printers, displays, and image-capture devices Apple was marketing in 1996. I get a real kick out of pre-Second Coming Of Jobs stuff, the Apple of the early to mid 90s is, to me, a fascinating thing; a company in permanent crisis and seemingly in a death-spiral. Looking at the dizzying array of add-ons they were pimping *in addition* to their complex range of computer systems, it’s not hard to see why. There’s eight printers and six monitors itemised in this brochure. Bear in mind that there would have been the Newton line competing for attention in Apple catalogues and it seems ever-wiser of Steve Jobs to scrap everything and focus on just a handful of machines when he swept back into power.

I have placed the scanned brochure in the Internet Archive for easy viewing, so please do check it out. I’ve got some other cool things I’ll be scanning and uploading, too, and I’ll keep you posted on those!

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