Because inclusivity starts at your start up screen!

Just a very quick post to share this thing I found in my archive (some 60GB or so of stuff I have spread across a few Mac-formatted drives!) of software; GayOS.

GayOS Startup Screen

It’s a startup screen graphic, and one celebrating gay pride. It’s easy to forget, in these supposedly enlightened times of 2018, that being gay and being out is kinda a big deal for the individual. So, when I stumble across little things like this from decades ago that signify some person, somewhere, taking a stand in some small way and refusing to be anything other than what they are, it warms my cockles in all honesty.

We are with you, brothers and sisters, and support you against the bigotry you face, day in and day out.

Here’s the readme file that came with this, an understated and unassuming treatise of solidarity in and of itself, imo:

GayOS startup screen, by Mike Silverman <>

This is a replacement to the standard MacOS startup screen. It has the words "GayOS" instead of "MacOS" and the MacOS logo (the 2 smiley faces) has been overlayed with the rainbow pride flag colors.

This file is in StartupScreen format. Just drop it in your system folder and restart to see it. Or, for the more adventurous, you can use ResEdit to edit the System file with this picture; the picture is exactly the correct dimensions for this. By the way, please don't e-mail me asking how to use ResEdit!

Feel free to send this picture far and wide, but please keep this readme together with it. Thanks, and enjoy!

So, if you wish to politicise your vintage Macintosh as it boots and support gays everywhere, you now have the power. Here’s the files:


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