Glider by John Calhoun

I started researching for an article on a different game by another early Mac shareware author but got completely derailed by reading about Glider instead.

Glider is a legendary early Macintosh game, considered by many to be one of the best. The object of the game is to guide a paper glider through a series of rooms, avoiding obstacles such as tables, bouncing balls, goldfish, and slices of bread…

Richard Moss wrote a really good history on the game that I stumbled upon whilst looking for something else and I found myself wanting to know more. So, I figured “why fight it?” and went ahead and collected as many Macintosh Plus compatible versions of Glider as I could find in half an hour of Googling and made The Glider Collection as an emulated item on Internet Archive so I could have a play. 🙂

Screenshot of Glider 3.0 title screen, emulated in-browser at Internet Archive

This is a really hard game! The controls couldn’t be simpler, simply consisting of two keys; one to move your glider left and one to move it right (those keys default to “,” and “.” respectively, but you can change them), but it’s a real challenge to get more than a few rooms, at least it was for me! Go and give it a play and see how well you do.

One last thing. John Calhoun published his software under the “Soft Dorothy Software” moniker, which is still a going concern actually. The early logo for the company, displayed as the splash screen when launching Glider, is quite something…


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