It’s official! We’re live! is up and running and open to the public!

It’s been a long, slow journey, but we’re here and we’re live! Huge thanks to my tame web developer for all of his help and assistance in getting things together, without him this almost certainly wouldn’t have happened!
So, what to expect?

Well, first and formost, I present to you my collection of shareware Macintosh games:

This collection contains around 4,000 or so shareware games titles, pulled from my collection of 450+ 90s-era Macintosh magazine cover CDs. The collection spans from 1994 through to 2001/2002, so there’s a real mixed bag there and software covering from System 6 through to OS9. Each game has been compressed to a .sit archive using Stuffit 5.5 before taking out of the classic Mac OS in order to ensure that the data within the software isn’t corrupted by OSX or Windows. Download the Stuffit archives and transfer to your vintage Mac before unstuffing and you’ll ensure that they remain uncorrupted.

I have a very large collection of shareware Macintosh utilities, something like 20,000 or so individually stuffed files, and I hope to have those live on the site by Christmas. I also have a good collection of essential Macintosh software, drivers, extensions, and so on, and I’ll be making those available too.

Beyond the software, I’ll be producing regular content, including; reviews of games and utils hosted in the site, run-downs of interesting and/or exotic Macintosh hardware, how-to guides, retrospective pieces, weird and whacky stuff, and more!

So, thanks for coming on board. If there’s anything you’d like to share with me, please email or follow on Twitter at and send me a Tweet!

Thanks again!


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