Macintosh Archiving

Do you have a collection of Macintosh ephemera that you’d love to see preserved and shared? can help!

Assortment of Apple Developer Series CDs, ready for archiving

We believe very strongly in the preservation of Macintosh software and want to work with the community to archive and make available as much cool stuff as possible.

Whether it’s floppies, CDs, hard drives, Zip Disks, or whatever, we can back it up and get it online, placing it in the software archives and also placing it in the Internet Archive’s public collections where it will be preserved with a real permanence.

If you want to see your software saved, get in touch now!

If you have old Macintosh games (must be Macintosh Plus compatible) you would like to play again or see others play, we can get them emulated in the Internet Archive’s in-browser Macintosh emulator.

Screengrab of emulated Indiana Jones Macintosh game

If you have old Macintosh ephemera, such as brochures, flyers, manuals, and so on, we can archive that, too!

Scan of Apple marketing brochure wants to help you save your stuff and allow it to be enjoyed by Macintosh enthusiasts all around the world! Drop us a line now to talk further!