What does the guy who has a 30GB+ Macintosh software archive need? More Macintosh software, of course!

This week I have been mostly acquiring data.

About 15GB of Macintosh software!

These are all from disk images I’ve sourced from the Internet Archive or the Macintosh Garden, and they are absolutely chock full of goodies! I’m going through a trawl across them, pulling out particular items of interest with a view to getting them into the Internet Archive’s Macintosh emulator, but will also be dumping the lot into ASAP. I’m not 100% sure whether to dump the contents of each into the /misc/┬ádirectory I created a while ago or to create a new directory for each and try and present the contents in the same directory structure/format as on the disk images themelves. The latter is certainly the more aesthetic, so I’m leaning towards that. More time-consuming, too, and that’s a real issue for me right now, so I’d probably have to spread doing this over a fair bit of time. We’ll see!

Certainly, the first one of these time-capsules that I’m going to get up is the Classic Mac Survival Kit.

Classic Mac Survival Kit

This volume is 595MB of awesomeness! It’s packed to the gills with essential classic Mac OS software; productivity apps, development utils, games, installers, updaters, system tools. It looks like it was compiled in 1998, but there’s software versions on there going back to the late 80s. I *really* wish I had come across this a few years ago, would have come hugely in handy!

Another item of note is the Eagle’s Nest BBS Backup.

The Eagle's Nest BBS Back-Up

This was recently uploaded to the Internet Archive, and is a hefty eight disk image download, but it’s worth it! The Eagle’s Nest was a Macintosh oriented BBS based in Michigan and this back-up is a great snapshot of the mid-90s Mac scene, chokka block with great things; I actually *finally* found the early HyperCard issues of TidBITS on this, after spending months trawling the internet for them. I made an emulated item at the Archive hosting them, so go and check it out!

That find was a real motivator, proof positive that there’s gold hidden away in them thar’ disk images, and convinced me that it’s a worthy enterprise to devote energy to going further with preservation than the folk who came before. They did a great service to the vintage Mac community in bothering to make and upload to the web images of these ancient, precious relics, but there’s *thousands* of items locked away in each, unfindable and unloved. By my going through these, hauling out the really top-drawer stuff for sharing in the first instance and then subsequently making sure each individual item ends up available for download on my site, it opens the whole thing up and, in my opinion, creates a real value for our community.

So, I’ll press on and keep you posted. As soon as I have this stuff ready for sharing, you’ll be the first to know!

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