I really enjoy running It’s now, in 2018, the organic result of several years of evolving thinking regarding how I can use this site as a tool to more deeply enjoy my vintage Macintosh retrocomputing hobby.

It started out as a way to get my mammoth (and pretty much unique) collection of Macintosh shareware onto the web, and I was immensely proud to go live a couple of years ago with over 4,000 shareware games and over 20,000 shareware utilities in an alphabetised and searchable archive. Those archives have gone on to receive a tremendous amount of traffic since launch, with *hundreds and hundreds of gigabytes* and counting of Macintosh files delivered to my fellow enthusiasts. I get a real kick out of every now and then taking a look at the website logs and boggling over the thousands of hits my humble creation receives. It’s awesome.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve dipped my toes into producing various different types of content, including but not limited to; writing software reviews, creating emulated archived items, rescuing obscure pieces of Macintosh history, curating essential resources for hobbyists, and pondering on best retrocomputing practices. I intend to produce much more of these kinds of content, interesting and useful (I hope!) pieces to aid and enrich the latter-day Macintosh fan. I’ve got immense resources to draw inspiration from; hundreds of Mac magazines, spindle upon spindle of Mac magazine cover CDs, hundreds of gigabytes of downloaded Macintosh resources (including FTP sites, bulletin boards, shovel ware CD images, and so on), and a neat collection of original software and hardware I’ve put together over the years.

I have received many kind words and warm gratitudes from many people for the work I’ve done here, and I treasure each and every smile I know I’ve managed to raise somewhere when I’ve published a neat article or shared a cool Mac file. Thank you all.

I would deeply appreciate your financial support to help me continue to put energy and focus into this project. I scour eBay every week looking for new and peculiar Macintosh curiosities and spend *a lot* more on this hobby than I let my wife know about… 😀 But there’s a limit to how much cash I can get away with burning on 25 year old Apple ephemera.

So, I have created two options for you, dear reader, to offer your support.

Firstly, via Paypal, for one-off donations of any size you wish.

Secondly, via Patreon, for ongoing monthly support.

Thank you again for your support. Any level of donation you can provide will be gratefully received and warmly welcomed. And it will go directly to continuing to keep a useful and positive contribution to Macintosh retrocomputing.

Thanks again, much love, Steve. x logo ico