Three absolute classics

There’s good retro games, and then there’s absolutely fantastic retro games! And we’ve got some of those playable in-browser for you right now!

It’s time to start exploring some of the work I’ve been doing at the Internet Archive’s Macintosh Library. The library has hit 100 items now, many of which are games. The Macintosh has generally always been overlooked as a gaming platform, with the 8-bit wave of early computers, then the Amiga and the Atari ST, also PC and then consoles, getting the lion’s share of attention. But the Macintosh has had a lively, and often unique, gaming culture, from the earliest days way back in 1984.

I’ll spend a lot of time looking at that rich history in future articles, but for now, take a look at three games emulated in-browser at the Archive that really show the platform, circa late-80s/early-90s, at its best;


Civilization for Macintosh

Prince Of Persia:

Prince Of Persia for Macintosh

And one I managed to fix just today after struggling to have it play nice with the emulator, SimCity:

SimCity for Macintosh

All three of these games were available on pretty much every computer platform of the period. But these Macintosh versions are great, and they really feel “of” the Macintosh, rather than just quick and dirty ports. Lovely stuff! Go and have a play!

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