Welcome to VintageAppleMac.com

Welcome to the VintageAppleMac.com website, a new site about things Vintage and Mac! :0)

I have been an Apple fan for getting on for a decade now. I was first converted when I went to university to study photography and, on learning that the creative industry was almost entirely Mac-based, bought a Macbook. I was immediately bowled over by the way the thing “just worked”, it made the XP Dell I had been struggling with for a few years look absolutely terrible! As I became more familiar with Apple’s way of doing things, I began to learn more about their history and one day, on the spur of the moment, bought a vintage Mac from eBay for 99p to have a play with and try out a “classic” Mac OS. The machine was a boxed and mint Performa 630 (with a boxed and mint Apple 15″ CRT monitor), a humble mid-range Mac from 1994, and I was instantly hooked.

I quickly bought a few more machines of varying specifications, some older than the 630, some newer, and started to really enjoy tinkering with these computers, adding upgrades to get them able to do stuf like go online, or play games, or make music, and so on. After a while, I had several dozen Apple Macintosh computers taking up floorspace. I realised that I was only actually regularly using a handful of them, though, so bit the bullet and offloaded the majority of the machines I hadn’t used in a while in order to concentrate on just the systems that I had a particular fondness for. I kept a Power Macintosh 9600 and a Macintosh LCIII+ as my two main retro machines and set about buying upgrades and peripherals for each, looking to pimp them both out as far as I could. Over time, I acquired dozens of rare and interesting add-ons for these computers and had a lot of fun expanding them both beyond anything that the Apple engineers of their time would have imagined.

An interesting sideline in my hobby developed around this point; collecting big-box software. I started looking for auctions for boxed, vintage Mac productivity software and quickly built a large library of titles. From there, I started looking for boxed vintage Mac games and slowly but surely acquired a large amount of releases, some big names like the Monkey Island series, other less well-known stuff. Trawling eBay for these gems, I often came across auctions where people were getting rid of large mixed lots of Apple related stuff; a few games, some books, some hardware, etc, and this is where I started collecting Mac magazines. Buying random 20 year old copies of MacUser or MacWorld at first, I lucked into a couple of large auctions where hundreds of magazines were being sold, just a short drive to London away, for 99p. Around the same time, I saw a few auctions for stacks of magazine cover CDs, so I snapped those up to.

So, that’s kinda how I’ve gotten my collection to where it is now; a real mixed trove of Apple Macintosh *stuff*, consisting of heavily-expanded systems, stacks of upgrade boards and PCI cards, boxes and boxes of peripherals, shelves and shelves of books, magazines, and software, and a huge library of vintage Macintosh software on CDs. And now it’s time for me to share it with the world!

I intend to use this website as an outlet for my hobby of collecting and using ancient Macs, sharing my discoveries and joy with the ever-increasing vintage Apple collecting community. Most of the time, articles will likely be quite introspective; me expanding my own knowledge and writing about it, but I do hope to add useful and interesting content to the web for the first time, by reviewing and hosting shareware games and apps, for example, or by writing tutorials on how to get the most out of a particular set of hardware and upgrades. And so on.

For now, though, welcome! I hope you enjoy the site.


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