Xmas Lemmings for Macintosh

It’s that most wonderful time of the year, so let’s all celebrate with a seasonably-themed demo version of the classic rescue-em-up and have a look at the Macintosh version of Xmas Lemmings!

Screengrab of the title screen for Xmas Lemmings for Macintosh.

This is a simple, 4-level demo version of Lemmings, released in 1992 by Psygnosis as part of the ongoing promotion of their main release. This Macintosh version comes with both colour (256 only) and black & white graphics and it will boot automatically into whatever your vintage Macintosh can handle. The readme file that is included suggests that this game will work with System 6 but I’ve tested it with System 7.5.3 and OS9 and it worked perfectly in both.

Screengrab of gameplay of Xmas Lemmings demo on Macintosh

As far as the game itself goes, the first two levels are super easy but the difficulty sky-rockets in the third level, which is pretty mad for a package that’s trying to entice folk to part with their cold hard cash for the full game (the readme says that Lemmings retails for $59.99, so not a cheap game for 1992…)! It’s a decent bit of fun, especially so when played on a Mac with some guts to it so it runs nice and fast and doesn’t bog down, but the coolest thing about it is the fabulous Christmas-style soundtrack.

You can download a disk image I made that includes the demo package and give it a spin yourself. If you don’t have a vintage Mac at hand, I have made an emulated-in-browser item of it at the Internet Archive but be warned that it runs a little slow in the emulated Macintosh Plus… Well worth firing it up, though, just to bask in those Christmas tunes!

Finally, isn’t the Psygnosis logo the coolest thing?

Psygnosis logo on Macintosh

I love it, takes me back to when I was a kid and had an Amiga 500+, some of my favourite games were Psygnosis releases so this logo is tied very closely to a lot of happy gaming memories!

Here’s the readme file:

Welcome to MacLemmingland! You are about to experience the "Home Entertainment Product of the Year!"*
*Software Publisher’s Association Excellence in Software Awards.
You will be playing a four-level “mini-game” version of the hit game Lemmings(TM). The complete game consists of 120 levels of mind-boggling game play.

Here’s what reviewers are saying about Lemmings(TM):
“Once you’ve experienced Lemmings, it’s possible that you will have played one of the best computer games of the year.” – Video Games & Computer Entertainment
“Not since Tetris has this reviewer been so addicted to, or completely fascinated with, a series of challenging puzzles. For those who enjoy fast-moving jousts of logic and creativity, follow the crowd and get Lemmings.” – Computer Gaming World
“Watch out, here come the Lemmings! This is by far the most addictive, puzzling, and entertaining computer game released in the last five years.” – COMPUTE
and lots more!

Lemmings(TM) The X-Mas Demo Disk From PSYGNOSIS
System Requirements:
This version of Lemmings requires a monochrome Macintosh with 1 Mb of memory, or a 256-color Macintosh with at least 2 megabytes of memory running System 6.0.5 and 32-bit Quickdraw. System 7 will require an additional megabyte of memory.
On slower machines, the Faster menu option will automatically be activated. This reduces the amount of animation on the screen to improve game speed.
On 12″ (or smaller) monitors, the menu bar will not be visible at all times. Press the Open-Apple/Command Key and space bar on your keyboard to make the menu bar appear.
Starting Lemmings:
Make a folder on your hard drive called “X-Mas Lemmings”. Copy the contents of the floppy disk into this folder. Double-click on the Lemmings application to begin.
The Game:
Lemmings is an intriguing game in which you help hordes of otherwise mindless rodents (known as Lemmings) escape 120 hostile environments. (This demo version has four levels.)
Lemmings drop through a trapdoor on to each screen and they need all the help they can get to survive the dangers thereon.
To assist these cuddly, yet suicidally stupid, creatures you use your mouse (similar to a Lemming but it has more buttons) to select a skill from the panel of icons at the base of the screen. Once highlighted you then choose a suitable Lemming, from the throng on the screen, to perform that skill. You have a strict time limit in which to get a required percentage of the little perishers through each level.
A quick brain, the ability to plan ahead, and a lifetime dedication to the Save a Lemming Campaign are what’s required to get the right Lemming to perform the right action at the right time. A forgotten Blocker or a misplaced bridge could spell disaster for every Lemming on the screen.
Use your mouse.
Point and click on chosen icon to highlight it then (if required)
point and click on selected Lemming to put that Lemming to
Pushing your mouse to the left or right edges of screen scrolls
the play area.
After you set up a level, and the Lemmings are heading out the
exit, then hold down the Shift key to hurry them along.
Icons (from left to right):
Decrease flow of Lemmings onto the level
Increase flow of Lemmings onto the level
Bomb to dispatch single Lemmings (one way to get rid of
Bridge Builder-each limited to 12 bricks
Horizontal Digger
Diagonal Digger
Vertical Digger
Nuke ‘Em destroys all Lemmings-should you find yourself in
a “no-win” situation (double click to activate)
Other Screen Displays:
Directly above the icon panel are (left to right): Lemming identifier, Number of Lemmings currently occupying the level, % of rescued Lemmings, Time remaining to complete level. Note: In Black and White mode, this information is displayed to the right of the icon bar, and may be toggled by using the space bar.
The display to the right of the Icons depicts the whole level.
Each trait may only be used a limited number of times (shown above each icon).
Each level when completed displays an access password that can be used to re-enter that level in subsequent play.

To order, contact your local software retailer or call:
1(800) 438 – 7794.
Lemmings retails for $59.99, but for a limited time, mention this offer, and receive a free Lemmings T-shirt! (Offer good only in
the United States)
Lemmings Copyright 1992, Psygnosis, Ltd.
United States: Europe/United Kingdom:
Psygnosis Psygnosis
29 St. Mary’s Court South Harrington Building
Brookline, MA 02146 Sefton Street
Phone: (617) 731 – 3553 Liverpool, Merseyside
Fax: (617) 731 – 8379 United Kingdom, L3 4BQ
Phone: +44 (51) 709 – 5755
Fax: +44 (51) 709 – 6466

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